Front loading washing machine

Front loading washing machine

When choosing an automatic washing machine, you should pay attention not only to the price and brand but also to several other performance characteristics. First of all, you need to decide on the method of loading, linen can be loaded from above or from the side. Bosch washing machines are very popular and are characterized by an optimal ratio of cost and quality.

Features of front washers 

Vertical and front (side) automatic washing machines differ in the way the drum is attached. In the first model, the drum is mounted on two symmetrical shafts, and loading is performed from above. In the second case, things are loaded from the side, and the process can be monitored through a transparent hatch.

In the front washer, the loading hatch can be of different diameters made of plastic or metal and with a window made of durable glass. The door is hermetically sealed and locked, so you can open it only after the end of the work process.

Due to the presence of a rubber seal, the possibility of leakage is eliminated. The top surface is free and can be used to place various items and bath accessories.

Front washers are presented in a wide range and come in different sizes, which allows you to choose a model for any room. These can be standard, compact, narrow, and ultra-narrow machines. Vertical ones are mostly compact and ergonomic, suitable for small spaces.

Bosch washing machine with dryer is in particular demand, which not only washes clothes with high quality but also dries. As a result, there is no need to look for a place for a dryer, which saves space and time.

Choosing a washing machine

When choosing a model, you should pay attention to such characteristics and design features:

  1. Energy class,
  2. Maximum drum loading,
  3. Dimensions,
  4. Color and design,
  5. Spin speed,
  6. Useful additional features.

The choice of a washing machine should be taken responsibly since such household appliances are bought for a long time. Depending on the capacity of the drum, the overall dimensions of the equipment are determined.

For example, for the domestic needs of an average family, a 5-7 kg washing machine is optimal. It should be noted that the higher the energy class, the less electricity is consumed. One of the advantages of frontal machines is the ability to install under the sink or sink, which will save space. 

Despite a number of advantages, there are some features. During the washing process, there is no possibility of reloading laundry. It is necessary to choose the right place for installation due to the opening of the loading hatch to the side. In addition to the main modes, there are additional useful functions that affect the final cost of household appliances.