Electrolux washing machine breakdowns and methods for fixing them - error code E32

Electrolux washing machine breakdowns and methods for fixing them - error code E32

Most models of Electrolux washing machines have an indicator board or LCD monitor that displays information about the current washing mode and the time until it ends. If one of the equipment elements fails, an error code appears on the monitor, thanks to which you can diagnose various malfunctions and perform simple repairs yourself.

The external manifestation of a malfunction

There may be several external manifestations associated with the E32 error:

  1. The washing machine may stop in the middle of the wash cycle at various stages or not start washing at all.
  2. Too much water filled in the drum, and it overflows.
  3. The laundry remains wet after spinning.

Above cases, the problem manifests itself after the start of drawing water into the drum. It can be both a primary set and a rinse.

These malfunctions may be the result of other breakdowns. However, when error E32 appears on the monitor, it is more likely to diagnose the cause of equipment failure. At the same time, it is better to entrust the repair of washing machines https://www.remont-stiralnyh-mashin-brovary.com.ua/ to professionals, but you can try to fix some minor malfunctions yourself.

Error code E32

Following the instructions for Electrolux washing machines, error E32 may occur in the following cases:

  1. Mechanical disturbances in the filling system, which led to blocking the flow of water into the drum,
  2. The pressure switches are not working: a pressure sensor that detects the presence of water in the tank.

Probable cause of failure and independent troubleshooting steps

The first list of causes that cause error E32 is related to mechanical malfunctions of the water supply system. For example, it may be a critical bend in the hose or clogging. In this case, cleaning the dirt filter installed directly in the washing machine is necessary.

IMPORTANT! One of the possible options for error E32 is the lack of water in the system. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that there is water in the water supply and to check if the tap blocking the water supply of the washing machine connected to the hose is not closed.

A more complicated procedure is diagnosing the pressure sensor's breakdown (water level switch or pressure switch). To check and clean it, follow these steps:

  1. The washing machine switched off from the socket,
  2. The inlet water supply valve is closed,
  3. Removed top cover. To do this, several self-tapping screws are unscrewed from behind, and the surface moved forward,
  4. The pressure switch, rule, is the upper part that has formed a plastic cylinder, contacts connected, a flexible polymer tube,
  5. It is necessary to carefully disconnect the tube and blow it into the vacated hole of the pressure switch. If the device is working correctly, then not at all mild clicks will be heard, indicating the operation of the relay,
  6. If blockages are found in the tube, must remove them,
  7. If all the above actions do not work, you need to replace the device or contact the service center.