Easy ways to get water out of your washing machine

Easy ways to get water out of your washing machine

Here's a guide to properly draining your washing machine without clogging it. This method will also help you maintain your washing machine.

Proper handling of your washing machine is essential. If your washing machine is not draining correctly, some parts may stop working, or the drain pipe may be blocked. Don't worry. Here we provide you with some ways to solve this problem.

Once the problem with your washing machine is fixed quickly, it will run well. However, if your washing machine isn't draining correctly, here's your chance to fix it yourself. That will save you money, and your machine will be ready to use much sooner.

Try these simple ways to get water out of your washing machine quickly.

Step 1: Check the plug

Check that the washing machine plug has connected to the cord and dry. Keep in mind that any parts may need to replace if there are any signs of damage.

Step 2: Check the pipe

The pipe is removable, so you can easily find the clog. However, even small items can clog drains and stop water from draining. So, check if there is any blockage inside and remove it.

Step 3: Clean the pipe

Clean and refit the pipe. Run the washer as usual.

Also, you should always check your clothes for coins in your pockets. These coins are the most important to damage your machine. These simple tips will help you unclog your washer pipe quickly!

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Another cause of clogging in your pipe is detergent stains. We recommend using a liquid detergent such as Surf Excel Matic Liquid to prevent this. It formulates especially for washing machines. It dissolves completely in water and does not leave any stains.