DIY washing machine programmer repair

DIY washing machine programmer repair

The programmer is one of the most important control parts in a washing machine, which is responsible for selecting the required washing mode, including spinning, soaking, and in new models of machines, drying. The programmer is also called a command device or timer; it is used in most automatic washing machines and looks like a protruding round knob on the control panel.

Only machines with a microprocessor and the presence of the fuzzy logic function can do without a programmer; control in such units is carried out using a touch or push-button panel. And if the programmer fails, then washing in such a machine is impossible. But how to understand and check that the malfunction of the machine is precisely in this part, whether it is possible to repair it yourself, we suggest you figure it out together.

Programmer device

These parts can break down over time, which means they may need to be repaired. But in order to carry out such repairs, you need to understand the device of the programmer. The electromechanical control device of an automatic machine includes the following main elements:

  • Synchro motor,
  • Gearbox,
  • Contacts,
  • Gears,
  • Cams (protrusions and recesses) driving the synchro motor.

There are two types of programmers:

  • Hybrid,
  • Electronic.

The hybrid command apparatus is considered the most reliable, but its functionality is limited. The electronic units of the control unit of an automatic machine are more advanced, have a large number of functions and fine tuning. But they are subject to more frequent breakdowns, they can react to power surges, malfunction, and randomly turn off.

Signs of failure and its causes

Programmer failure can be determined by several signs:

  • The machine stops turning on and everything is fine with the electrical network, then the cause of the malfunction may be caused by one of the elements of the control unit and the command device as well,
  • During washing, the program is lost, the time does not correspond to the selected mode,
  • In some models of washing machines, an external sign may be the blinking of all indicators on the control panel.

Despite the fact that the command device is a fairly reliable part of the washing machine, it can break down after 10 years. The main reason noted by experts is careless handling of the unit by users. So, for example, if a child approached the machine while washing and began to turn the handle, then this may be enough to cause the programmer to fail.

Another cause of breakdowns is power surges in the electrical network. In addition, moisture getting inside the programmer may also cause malfunction. Well, we don’t rule out defects in the production of parts.

We disassemble the programmer

We begin repairing the programmer with its proper disassembly. The problem is that there are quite a few types of programmers, and there is nothing to say about the models; each model has its own disassembly features. Let's talk about the features of disassembling the programmer using the example of a device from an Ariston automatic washing machine. The procedure is as follows:

  • We take the programmer removed from the machine and carefully inspect it. We find the latches on the side that hold the plastic cover, pry them off with a screwdriver and remove the cover.
  • After we remove the cover, underneath we will see an upside down board. Carefully remove it and set it aside.
  • We take out the central gear and inspect the small gears. Often they become clogged with debris, which interferes with the normal operation of the mechanism.
  • Now let's carefully examine the board. You can often see burnt elements or paths on it. They will have to be soldered again.
  • If there are no burnt tracks, then we take a multimeter and measure the resistance at the contacts of the control board, something will be found.
  • We continue to disassemble the programmer. Now our task is to remove all the gears one by one, and then the core of the programmer motor.
  • Next, you need to visually check the integrity of all elements, wipe the contacts with alcohol and reassemble the device in the reverse order. The repair of this control has been completed.

Experts categorically advise against attempting to repair programmers for German washing machines such as Siemens with your own hands. Their devices have a complex structure, represented by several plates compressed in pairs. When you start to disassemble such programmers, the plates fly apart in different directions and it is extremely difficult to reassemble them later, since when the plates fly apart, they damage the fragile plastic grooves. For our part, we advise you to entrust the repair of programmers from German washing machines to specialists.

It should be noted that German programmers are not the most difficult thing. Godrej washing machines have programmers with a soldered control board. To repair them, you need to mechanic a soldering iron, and not an ordinary one, but a special one with a thin tip. Even most technician do not undertake to repair such programmers, so we, for our part, will advise you not to waste your energy, but simply replace the broken programmer from the Godrej washing machine with a new one.

In conclusion, we note that repairing the command apparatus of an automatic machine with your own hands is not always a rewarding task. There are devices with the simplest design, in which it’s not a sin to tinker, you may not be able to do it, but it won’t be any worse. But some command apparatus is so complex that repairing it is simply not practical, or it can only be done by a good mechanic.