Disassembling the hatch of a Samsung washing machine

Disassembling the hatch of a Samsung washing machine

What to do if the door on the washing machine suddenly stops closing properly? Call the service center immediately or try to solve the problem yourself? There is nothing complicated in disassembling the door of the Samsung washing machine. Therefore, you can save on the services of a master by repairing the "home assistant" yourself.

We'll tell you how disassembly is performed. We will explain what tools are needed in the process. Let us highlight the points that are worth paying special attention to.

The door needs to be removed first

If you open and close the Samsung SMA door carelessly, it is very easy to damage its handle. After this, it will become impossible to use the device until the malfunction is eliminated. The system will be leaky - so the intelligence simply will not start collecting water into the tank. You can change the element yourself; there is nothing complicated in the work ahead.

Dismantling the door by weight is too inconvenient. Therefore, the first stage is to disconnect the element from the body. The hatch is removed along with the hinges. Algorithm of actions:

  • Turn off the power to the washing machine by unplugging the power cord from the outlet,
  • open the door,
  • find the screws that secure the hinges to the SMA body,
  • select a wrench of a suitable size to remove fasteners,
  • Unscrew the bolts holding the door hinges.

Therefore, after removing the bolts, all that remains is to remove the hatch from the hook holders. To do this, the door moves up a few millimeters. When the hinges rise, you need to pull the element towards you. This way the sash will leave the grooves and end up in your hands.

When removing the Samsung SMA door, you need to be careful. The hook holders are made of fragile metal. If too much pressure is applied, the fasteners may break, which will increase the cost of repairs.

Carefully open the door

For further work, the door must be placed on a flat surface. It is better to buy a new replacement handle in advance. There are usually no difficulties in purchasing components for Samsung. When selecting, be sure to focus on the model of your washing machine.

To disassemble the SMA drum flap, a slotted screwdriver is enough. To make the work easier and reduce the risk of damage to the part, additionally “arm yourself” with a thin plastic spatula. This device will help you open the door safely.

Now you can start disassembling the door. The algorithm will be as follows:

  • Unscrew the screw located between the hinges,
  • Arm yourself with a slotted screwdriver and a thin plastic spatula,
  • Insert a screwdriver between the upper and lower parts of the hatch,
  • Insert a thin plastic spatula into the gap between the door halves,
  • With gentle movements, begin to open the hatch, disconnecting the parts in a circle (act carefully so as not to damage the plastic and glass),
  • Remove the top half of the door and move it to the side,
  • The broken handle is located at the bottom of the hatch, with glass,
  • Use a thin screwdriver to pry up the “finger” that secures the hook, remove the rod using wire cutters,
  • Pull out the hook (be sure to remember what position it should be in),
  • Remove the old handle, put a new element in place,
  • Insert the hook back, fix it with your “finger” (when returning the rod to its place, make sure that it fits into all the holes),
  • Check that the mechanism is working,
  • Reinstall the upper part of the door, lightly press it until the latches engage,
  • Screw in the previously removed screw.

Check again that the handle responds to touch and the hook comes out of the groove. After this, you can return the hatch to its place. First, put the hinges on the special holders, then secure them with bolts.

At this point, disassembling the door and repairing the washing machine can be considered complete. Even for a beginner, such work will take no more than 20 minutes. However, you need to act very carefully. If you press hard, there is a risk of damaging the element, since it is made of soft plastic.