Common problems with lg washing machines

Common problems with lg washing machines

LG washing machines are distinguished by high quality, reliability, and functionality. However, they are also susceptible to various breakdowns and breakdowns. To know how to get out of the situation and when you need LG washing machine service at home, you should get acquainted with the most common problems in the operation of washing machines of this brand.

Frequent breakdowns

Among the most common breakdowns of LG washing machines are:

  • Drainage pump breakdown. This is one of the most common reasons why water does not drain from the tank or drains too slowly. Such a breakdown can be caused by a clogged filter, worn brushes or broken wires.
  • Control unit malfunctions. This element is the “brain” of the washing machine. He is responsible for the operation of all its modes and functions. If the control unit fails, the washing machine may not turn on, may not respond to commands, change programs spontaneously, or display various errors on the display. The causes of control unit malfunction may be voltage surges, moisture, short circuits, or mechanical damage.
  • Engine wear. It ensures the rotation of the drum and creates the necessary spin speed. If the motor wears out, the washing machine may become noisy, vibrate, or may not turn up or spin the drum. Wear and tear are caused by improper use, overloading of laundry, or foreign objects getting into the drum.
  • Failure of the heating element. It is responsible for heating water to a given temperature. If the heating element burns out or shorts to the housing, the device does not heat the water or overheats it. Failure of the heating element can be caused by scale, voltage fluctuations, moisture, or mechanical damage.
  • Depletion of bearing life. They ensure smooth rotation of the drum and prevent its contact with the body. If the bearings are worn out, the machine may make a loud noise, squeaking or knocking noise when the drum rotates. The wear may be due to frequent use of high temperatures, overloading of laundry or water or sand entering the bearing assembly.

Causes of breakdowns

Most breakdowns of LG washing machines can be prevented if you follow the rules of operation, installation, and connection of the equipment. Among the most common causes of breakdowns are errors in:

  • Operation. This is the most common cause of breakdowns. It includes the following factors: overloading laundry, using low-quality or excessive amounts of detergent, choosing inappropriate programs and temperatures, getting foreign objects into the drum, insufficiently cleaning filters, etc.
  • Installation. This reason is associated with improper installation of equipment, insufficient alignment and fixation of legs, incorrect connection of hoses to taps and drains, etc.
  • Connection. This reason concerns the incorrect choice of voltage and frequency of the network, the presence of interference and voltage surges, lack of grounding, etc.

If the user cannot independently determine the cause of the problem, he should contact the service center. There, specialists using special equipment and tools will be able to diagnose and fix the problem. In addition, the service center can order repairs for LG washing machines at home if the user does not want or cannot transport the equipment himself.

In conclusion, it is worth emphasizing that LG washing machines are reliable and high-quality equipment that, with proper operation and timely maintenance, can serve for many years. But if there is still a need for repairs, it is better to entrust it to professionals.