Checking the pressure switch in the Candy washing machine

Checking the pressure switch in the Candy washing machine

Washing machines not only display different error codes for different problems, but also react differently. For example, if the level sensor is damaged, household appliances most often simply freeze during the washing process and stop responding to user commands. In such a situation, the housewife urgently needs to check the pressure switch in the Candy washing machine in order to either restore the damaged element or replace it with a new one. Let's figure out how to do this correctly at home without the help of a repair service.

How does a water level sensor work?

First of all, you need to understand exactly how the pressure switch works to make it easier to work with. The level relay is considered one of the main elements of the “home assistant”, because without it the equipment simply cannot function normally. The washing machine operates under the control of a control module, to which the level sensor transmits information about the amount of water in the tank. Using a pressure switch, the control module determines when it is necessary to close the inlet valve to stop the intake of water, and when there is not enough liquid in the system for the operating cycle.

The water level switch itself controls the volume of liquid entering the tank. For any operating cycle, a different amount of water is provided, which is monitored by a pressure switch. The element looks like a small round-shaped part made of plastic. In this case, wiring is connected to the relay, as well as a pressure hose, and inside the part you can find a thin membrane and a switch.

Let's briefly study how exactly this unit works in an automatic control system. First, the air passes under high pressure through the pressure switch hose, after which it hits the membrane, which changes its shape and thus closes the switch. Then, using electrical wiring, the part transmits a signal to the control module that there is enough water in the system for the selected operating cycle, so the inlet valve must be closed immediately.

How to understand that the pressure switch has failed?

Often, damage to the water level sensor can be guessed even without checking. This is due to the fact that mostly Candy washing machines have a smart automatic diagnostic system. As soon as it detects damage to the level relay, the machine will inform the user about the problem using the corresponding error code on the display. Then the housewife will only have to check the user manual to find the fault code and decipher it.

However, sometimes situations occur when the device for some reason does not display an error code. In this case, the problem can be identified by the lack of water in the drum after starting the operating cycle. At the same time, you can sometimes find that, despite the empty drum, the “home assistant” for some reason activates the water heater. You can also understand problems with the pressure switch by the uncontrolled and continuous flow of water into the tank. Plus, you can always check your clothes after washing - if the clothes remain wet, then most likely the water simply could not go down the drain in time, so the clothes were wrung out in the water.

In this case, these incidents can indicate not only damage to the pressure switch, but also the failure of other key components of the system, for example, a control module or an inlet valve. It is also impossible to exclude the possibility that the washing machine was incorrectly connected to the communications. A simple check, which we will describe in detail below, will help you make sure that the problem is really in the water level sensor.

Testing the sensor

To test an element, you do not need any special knowledge or skills, or special equipment. Therefore, you should not rush to call a service center specialist, since you can easily check everything yourself and thus save your family budget. What should I do for this?

  • Disconnect the machine from all communications.
  • Remove all the screws holding the top panel of the case, and move the cover itself to the side.
  • Find the pressure switch inside the device.
  • Prepare a small tube, the diameter of which will be the same as that of the fitting.
  • Remove the pressure hose, install the prepared tube into it and blow lightly into it.
  • If you hear one or three quiet clicks, then the part is fine.
  • Afterwards, carefully inspect the relay, examining its body, as well as the hose, which can be additionally rinsed with a powerful stream of tap water to clear any blockages.

If outwardly the level sensor looks intact and undamaged, then it will still have to be tested with a conventional multimeter. To do this, the tester needs to be switched to resistance measurement mode, connect its probes to the relay contacts, and then study the received data. If the indicators have changed after checking, then the contacts are working, but if the resistance has not changed, then the pressure switch needs to be replaced.

Sensor setup

Sometimes there is no need to purchase a new spare part, so there is no need to rush into purchasing. First, you can try to configure the element correctly, for which you need to know the exact data on the volume of water that the Candy washing machine needs for a particular operating cycle. Find this information in the user manual to find out how many screws are provided on the relay, which can be from 1 to 3.

Next, you need to tighten the screws of the part in accordance with the amount of water required for each cycle. This way you can avoid replacing the element, provided you configure the relay correctly for operation. However, it is very difficult to do this yourself, so they often call a repair service for precise adjustments.

Replacing a faulty part

If after all the checks you are sure that you cannot do without a replacement, then this is also not difficult to do. First you need to buy a similar spare part. To be on the safe side, you can take the faulty item with you to the store as an example, or you can simply rewrite the model of the Candy washing machine so that the seller can advise you on a suitable product.

Once you have the water level sensor in your hands, you can start working. Repeat the steps from the instructions above to partially disassemble the “home assistant” and remove the pressure switch. How to act correctly?

  • Disconnect all hoses and wires from the element, making sure to take a few photos of the correct connection first.
  • Remove the screws holding the relay in the washer body.
  • Carefully remove the sensor itself.

Replacement takes much less time than testing the performance of a part. Installation is carried out according to the instructions in reverse order. Securely fix the part with the fastening bolts, return the wires and hoses to their place, and then close the housing with the lid. Afterwards, all that remains is to carry out a test operating cycle to check the correctness of the repair.