Change the door handle of a Samsung washing machine

Change the door handle of a Samsung washing machine

If you need to replace the door handle of a Samsung washing machine, you can handle this task yourself without contacting a service center. This is due to the fact that for such repairs you only need to remove the hatch door, disassemble it, remove the damaged part, and then install a new one in its place. We will tell you in detail how to easily do this at home.

Separating the door from the machine

When you need to change the door handle of a “home assistant”, it is better to do it not by weight, because disassembling the door will take much more time and effort. That is why you should first remove the hatch from the body along with the hinges. What should I do for this?

  • Open the hatch door so that you have access to the hinge fasteners.
  • Locate the mounting bolts near the door hinges.
  • Remove them using an 8 mm wrench.

Usually the door is not immediately removed from its hinges due to the fact that it is held in place not only by fixing bolts, but also by special hook holders. There is no need to remove them - just carefully lift the hinges up about 5 millimeters, and then simply pull them towards you.

After the described manipulations, the door will move freely, and all you have to do is start disassembling the element. When dismantling the door, be especially careful not to accidentally break off or bend the hook holders, which are made of brittle metal.

Replacing a broken handle

After dismantling the door, you can immediately begin disassembling it and then replacing the handle. How to quickly change a door handle with a minimum set of tools?

  • First of all, unscrew the screw in the middle of the handle to remove the element from the groove.
  • Next, you need to carefully pry the door halves around the entire circle with a flat screwdriver or similar tool to carefully separate the element into two parts.
  • Once the body is separated, carefully separate the halves and set aside the part that does not have a handle.
  • Pry up the handle rod retainer with a screwdriver, and then remove it with pliers.
  • Next you need to get the door hook, and then the handle itself.
  • Now you can install a new handle, previously purchased in the store, on the seat. It is best to buy original spare parts, not analogs, so that this does not affect the performance of the "home assistant", and the element itself will serve for many years.
  • Replace the door hook.
  • Reposition the handle lock by using pliers to fit it into the groove and then gently push it in with an adjustable wrench or similar tool until it securely locks the handle.
  • At this stage, it is necessary to return the door frame to its place, fixing it around the entire circle until you hear clearly audible clicks.
  • Finally, all that remains is to reinstall the door using our instructions in reverse order.

As you can see, such a repair takes no more than 15 minutes even for a beginner, so if you need to change the door handle, it is better to first try to do it yourself, in order to save the family budget. Follow our detailed guide carefully to avoid accidentally damaging your Samsung washing machine. If you are not confident in your abilities, or you were unable to replace the unit, then contact any service center, where such repairs are usually inexpensive.