Candy washing machine fills with water and immediately drains

Candy washing machine fills with water and immediately drains

Many have heard that Candy brand units are not highly reliable. It is not uncommon for equipment to begin to cause its owner unexpected troubles in the form of various breakdowns after just a few years. For example, quite often a machine from this company fills up and immediately drains water, preventing the scheduled wash from starting. Today we will figure out why such a malfunction can occur and how to fix it.

The nature of this problem

When the Candy washing machine fills with water, but immediately empties the drum, it’s immediately noticeable. First of all, this can be tracked by a cycle that does not complete at the appointed time. In addition, the noise of a running sewer is constantly heard from the device. And perhaps the most unpleasant sign is that the laundry loaded into the “home assistant” remains dirty. This situation may arise as a result of:

  • Improper installation of the drain hose;
  • Sewer blockage;
  • Valve malfunction;
  • Malfunctions in the pressure switch;
  • Failed control board.

It is better to remove such a malfunction immediately, because uncontrolled drainage will have an extremely negative impact on all elements of the system. This, in turn, will lead to the risk of breakage of pipes, valves and pumps. Moreover, there is a risk of leakage, short circuit and even flooding of the apartment.

Incorrect hose position

If you have just recently installed or moved a washing machine to a new location, be sure to check the condition of the drain hose. Quite often this element is installed incorrectly, which causes problems with the intake and drainage of water. There are two ways to determine whether everything is in order.

The first is to carefully inspect the corrugation. According to the instructions, it should be fixed just above the level of the unit’s tank, which is approximately 50-60 cm from the floor. Thanks to this balance, the “siphon effect” is triggered, which does not allow the liquid to leave the drum without permission. If the harmony is disturbed, the water will begin to be pushed into the sewer, and the pressure switch will react to this by resuming the set. This cycle will continue until human intervention or the power goes out.

If it is difficult to get to the “sleeve”, you can check the correct installation in another way. To do this, you must run a quick wash and evaluate the behavior of the machine. If water immediately begins to come out of it, then the reason lies in an unregulated hose.


Solving the problem of incorrect corrugation position is quite simple. You just need to adjust the level of the hose according to the norm specified in the instructions and find a special plastic loop, which is included with any machine of the brand. Next, we attach the “hook” in the designated place and pass the rubber through it.

Self-draining caused by blockage

The drainage system may also fail due to blockages. For example, if dirt has accumulated in the pipes, on the impeller or in the pump, the pump will function chaotically, which will lead to water draining from the tank unplanned by the program. To fix this problem, you will need to clean the garbage filter and other filtration elements of the Candy washing machine. To do this you will need:

  • Disconnect the unit from communications,
  • Find the technical hatch in the lower right part of the hull, pry it open and remove it,
  • Grab the protruding part of the garbage filter (located on the right edge) and unscrew it, turning it counterclockwise,
  • Clean the coil under water.

Armed with a flashlight, you can illuminate the vacated hole and check how dirty the volutes, pipes and impellers are. If the garbage filter is covered with a thick layer of scale, soak it in a warm solution of citric acid and wait 30-40 minutes. If you still cannot open the hatch, try checking the drain in another way. You will need to disconnect the equipment from all communications and move it to the middle of the room. Then you need to carefully turn the “home assistant” onto its right side and look into it through the bottom. Candy washing machines, as a rule, do not have a bottom, and this greatly simplifies the diagnostic process.

The pressure switch is clogged or not adjusted

It also happens that a previously properly working unit suddenly began to produce continuous filling. Here you should definitely check the pressure switch, because this sensor is responsible for monitoring the filling of the drum and must transmit a “stop” signal to the control board if a certain water level is reached. When it fails, the machine stops responding to excess liquid, and this, in turn, leads to overflow, to which the security system of the Candy washing machine responds by automatically draining. It turns out to be a closed process that only a person can interrupt. The pressure switch breaks for the following reasons:

  • Due to oxidation,
  • Due to the fact that the contacts have come loose or are closed incorrectly,
  • Due to a problem with membrane sealing,
  • Due to clogged or damaged sensor tube.

In this case, you cannot hesitate, because there is a high probability of a leak and a real flood. First of all, turn off the washing machine, turn off the water supply and start diagnosing the pressure switch. Next you will need:

  • Unscrew the bolts holding the cover on the rear wall,
  • Push the cover away from you, wait until the latches engage and then remove the panel,
  • Find the level sensor and disconnect it from the housing,
  • Inspect the tube and “washer” for damage or blockages.

If contamination is found in the fitting, it is necessary to rinse it under the tap, and if the contacts become oxidized, it is enough to just clean them. If the tube or the device itself is damaged, it is better to purchase a new sensor rather than do the repair yourself. The pressure switch is inexpensive, but a new part guarantees a solution to the problem. To install this element, you need to lower it down, connect all the terminals and fix it on the body.

At the end of this whole process we carry out a test wash. When running the shortest cycle without laundry, we observe how the Candy washing machine behaves. If the error does not recur, then you can put the top cover back and continue to use the “home assistant”.