Candy washing machine does not spin well

Candy washing machine does not spin well

You never know when your favorite “home assistant” will stop functioning normally. If only yesterday everything was fine, but today the Candy washing machine does not spin out clothes well, then this should not be tolerated under any circumstances, because due to delay, household appliances may break down even more. We will analyze in detail why problems with spinning may occur, and how to deal with them at home.

Why does the machine leave clothes wet?

The spinning stage is an important part of the washing machine’s operating cycle, because manually removing moisture from wet laundry is not only very difficult, but also extremely time-consuming. Users have long been accustomed to the fact that the machine does everything itself, so an automatic SM should not be left without a high-quality spin. Otherwise, there is a high risk that something else may break.

Unfortunately, during the spin cycle itself it will not be possible to check whether the equipment is working properly or not. Moreover, after the completion of the work cycle, it is already too late to do anything. That is why you will have to look for the causes of the problem after washing, when you have wet laundry on your hands. Why can the Candy washing machine spin clothes poorly?

  • The maximum permissible weight of laundry that can be washed at one time has been exceeded. In this case, the device is simply not able to cope with the increased load.
  • The user accidentally selected a program in which either the drum rotation speed during spinning was set to low, or the final stage of processing the clothes was simply missing. For example, if the function for silk was activated, then it simply does not provide spinning.
  • Clothes with different densities of fabric were loaded into the drum, which is why only some of the items were wrung out efficiently.
  • The drainage system of the machine is clogged. If this is the problem, then after the main washing stage there will be waste liquid left in the tank, so further processing of the items will take place in water. This often happens due to a clog in the drain hose, which needs to be cleared from time to time.
  • Damage to the internal components of the washing machine, for example, the bearing unit. This can be understood by the strong noise and grinding noise that suddenly appeared during any operating cycle.
  • Failure of the tachometer, the condition of which is actively affected by regularly exceeding the maximum permissible weight of the laundry.
  • Penetration of foreign objects into the area between the tank and the drum. In this case, the extra object blocks the normal functioning of the SM.
  • The drain pump is broken, which prevents water from leaving the system in time.

Finally, as a reason for poor-quality spinning, it is also worth highlighting damage to the control module, which controls the operation of all key components of the machine. Therefore, it is always worth considering that problems with spinning may also be to blame for the control board, which is extremely difficult and expensive to repair.

Let's test the machine

If you regularly get wet laundry after spinning, then it is quite possible that the problem is incorrect settings, and not damage to the “home assistant”. In this case, you may be able to fix everything in a matter of minutes, without even contacting the repair service for help.

First of all, check the most basic reasons for the lack of spin. After you have received poorly wrung out items, try to remove half of the laundry and start the spin cycle again. Maybe the fault lies precisely in the strong overload of the drum. If after this the machine begins to work normally, then from now on you just need to pay closer attention to loading clothes.

Afterwards, you should thoroughly clean the entire drainage system, that is, the drainage filter and hose. This is necessary in order to prevent clogging of the filter element and drainage hose. If after this procedure nothing fundamentally has changed, then you need to inspect the area between the tank and the drum, into which a foreign object could have gotten. If this is the case, then you will most likely hear a strange noise while working that was not there before during washing. In this situation, the excess object must be removed through the opening of the water heater.

We also cannot discount the possibility that problems with spinning arose due to improper sorting of items. If you try to squeeze out items made from different types of fabric at the same time in a Candy machine, this can lead to the fact that only part of the clothing will be properly squeezed out, while the other part will remain wet.

Finally, if none of the above helped you, you will have to partially disassemble the washing machine to examine the condition of the bearings, tachometer, drain pump, water heater and electric motor. If any of this fails, then you need to buy exactly the same or similar part and install it instead of the damaged one. If you are not confident in your abilities due to the fact that you have no experience in repairing household appliances, then it is better to entrust the work to a service center specialist. This is especially true in a situation where the washing machine is still under warranty, so you will receive repairs for free.

Be careful when operating the machine

It’s not difficult to get rid of problems with spinning, but it’s even easier to simply prevent them. To do this, you must follow all the precautions described in the user manual. This list looks like this:

  • Avoid overloading and underloading by adding more than the minimum load and less than the maximum,
  • Always remove foreign objects from your pockets that may get stuck and damage the machine, such as keys, coins, paper clips, hairpins and others,
  • Carefully select the work cycle so that it suits the laundry prepared for washing,
  • Place small wardrobe items in special laundry bags.

All of the above will allow you to always receive perfectly clean clothes and will help your machine operate smoothly for many years.