Bypass UBL washing machine

Bypass UBL washing machine

The hatch blocking device is one of the key elements of the smooth operation of the washer. If the door is not locked, washing simply will not start, but what to do when the device is out of order? Replacing it requires money and time, but maybe you can somehow bypass the UBL of the washing machine and do the laundry without it? Experienced users claim that this is quite real, it remains only to learn this.

Removing the blocking device

To bypass the blocking device, you need to close its contacts, and this requires the dismantling of the part. There are two ways to remove the UBL: through the top cover of the case and through the cuff of the hatch. We will not consider the second method, since with a lack of skills there is a risk of incorrectly installing the cuff in place later, which is fraught with leaks. How to remove the UBL through the top of the case?

  • Open the hatch door as much as possible.

  • Look at the side of the washing machine where the door is hooked, find the keyhole.
  • Next to the lock are two self-tapping screws that need to be removed.

  • Now go to the back wall of the washer and unscrew the two bolts holding the top wall of the case. Slide the cover towards the rear of the machine and it will come off.

  • Place your hand inside the washer (along the back of the front panel of the machine) and feel for the locking device with your fingers. Carefully remove the wire connector.
  • Now slightly pull and pull out the UBL.

As you can see, dismantling does not require any special skills and abilities. The main thing is to take precautions and act as carefully as possible so as not to harm yourself or the typewriter.

We close the necessary contacts

To start the machine bypassing the UBL, you need to make the device think that everything is in order, and the lock works. The trick of the module is to close some contacts of a non-working device in a locked position. This can be done without difficulty if you understand the specifics of the element and try to reproduce it artificially.

The basic hatch blocking device is equipped with three contacts. Voltage is applied to the first two contacts N and L, due to which a special thermal coil is heated. The thermal coil, in turn, after a few seconds, heats up the bimetallic plate connecting the contacts L and C (middle and extreme) and, accordingly, closes them. The closure of the middle and extreme contacts is a signal for the module that the hatch is locked and you can start washing. Therefore, you need to close the contacts L and C with a jumper.

The owners of modern models began to face the fact that it is not possible to close the UBL manually. The washer only gives an error code on the display and does not start. This is due to the fact that some manufacturers have developed a new system for protecting and diagnosing SM. However, such a problem is still infrequent, so it’s still worth trying to bypass UBL.