Bosch washing machine won't turn on

Bosch washing machine won't turn on

When the electricity in the house is cut off, we feel very uncomfortable. The same thing happens if a washing machine like Bosch suddenly does not turn on. Undoubtedly, you can call a specialist who will solve the problem. But what if there is no money for the services of a master, but you need to deal with the situation. In this case, you need to check everything yourself, and we will help you find the cause of the malfunction. And if you cannot eliminate it, then call a specialist.

Possible causes of malfunction

Turning on a Bosch washing machine may be accompanied by various symptoms:

  • The washing machine may not respond at all to being plugged in and pressing the on/off button,
  • After turning on the machine, one indicator lights up, and then no mode starts,
  • After pressing the power button, all the indicators begin to flash, the washing machine does not work, and not a single washing mode is turned on.

These symptoms may be caused by the following problems:

  • Lack of normal voltage in the electrical network or faulty socket,
  • One of the electrical wires inside the machine is broken,
  • The noise filter is burnt out,
  • The door lock does not work,
  • The control device or electronic board is damaged.

Getting to grips with electrical issues

First of all, if the washing machine does not turn on, we check whether there is electricity in the apartment, maybe the Energy Network employees cut off the power to the house for a while. Then we check the serviceability of the outlet by plugging in a working device, for example, a table lamp. If there is a malfunction, replace the outlet after turning off the power, or call an electrician.

The “weak point” of any machine, and Bosch is no exception, is the surge protector, which is located at the end of the power cord, inside the machine body. It smooths out voltage noise. Since the voltage parameters in the network are not always respected and can increase sharply, which will inevitably lead to the filter burning out, so the machine does not turn on. This part usually cannot be repaired; it is replaced with a similar one.

During long-term use of the equipment, the power cord or plug may become damaged, which is why the washing machine does not turn on. This happens extremely rarely. But let's not discount him. They also check the wire with a multimeter. In the event of a malfunction, only replacement is possible.


As for the electrical wiring system inside the washing machine, even a careful inspection, without using a tester, can help identify the problem why the equipment does not turn on. Wires between machine components can simply jump out of the connectors, creating a problem when turned on. If nothing is visually detected, then you will have to call all the wires one by one to rule out the cause; the work is not difficult, but painstaking.

Checking the door locking device

All Bosch front-loading washing machines are designed in such a way that the engine starts only after the door hatch is completely locked. If the hatch is not closed tightly or the locking device does not send a signal to the control board, then the washing machine will not turn on.

Changing the hatch locking device is quite simple; the process is similar on all washing machines and is described in detail in the article How to replace the door lock ?

Command device and control board

Depending on the model of the Bosch washing machine, voltage is supplied to the Start button, to the command device or to the electronic board. If there is a button, then by applying the multimeter probes to its contacts, we find out whether it works or not, and be sure to call the wires that go to the button.

As for the command apparatus, it fails extremely rarely, and then only after several years of operation. In Bosch washing machines, to dismantle the control unit, you need to remove the top cover of the case and unscrew the front panel. Repairing the programmer is in most cases impractical. It needs to be changed, and it is best to entrust the work to a master. You can find out what this device looks like and where it is located by watching the video below.

Likewise, you shouldn’t take on repairing the control board if you don’t know anything about electronics. Even when replacing this part there are some nuances. Some control boards are sold unprogrammed, so you will have to program them before installation, which can only be done by a professional. Therefore, it is better to entrust everything that concerns the “stuff” of operating the machine to a master. Everything else can be completely resolved on your own. Happy renovation!