Bosch washing machine repair error E / F18

Bosch washing machine repair error E / F18

The automatic washing machine is a technically complex device carrying out the washing program specified by the user. All modern appliances often have built-in electronic systems that can provide audio or visual signals in the case of malfunctions or other issues. Therefore, each error indicates a malfunction. Knowing what it means, you can try Bosch washing machine repair without involving a mechanic. Then, and only that not be done, invite a specialist to the house.

Error E / F18 in washing machines from the German manufacturer Bosch means problems draining water after a wash cycle. There can be several reasons for the defect:

  1. There is no operability of the electric pump (water drain pump).
  2. Clogged sewer system,
  3. The drain hose is clogged,
  4. There is debris in the drain pump filter,
  5. Incorrect installation of the washing machine (the end of the drain hose is lower than a height of 60 cm from the floor level),
  6. False operation of the pressure switch (water level switch),
  7. Control module defect,
  8. Software failure.

In which of these cases do you need a Bosch washing machine service?

First, you need to check the sewer or drain hose. For this, the knowledge required of a repair specialist. You need to get the end of the drain hose from the sewer and lower it onto the sink or toilet using a unique mount (included). If the washing machine begins to drain water, you need to deal with the conditions for its operation yourself. Clean the sewer or hose and check the connection. It will not be superfluous to check the drain filter. It is located at the bottom of the washing machine and serves as a catcher for small debris such as buttons, paper clips, coins, threads, etc.

If the above recommendations do not help, the problem remains and already requires a solution using the wizard. For example, replacing a pump requires knowledge of elementary electricity rules, tools, and experience in removing a broken pump.

If the defect in the washing machine is associated with a malfunction of the module or control board, then one cannot do without the participation of a competent specialist. A new module is expensive. Before changing it, you can try to repair the old one. It is also almost impossible to check the pressure switch if it is electronic. A forced replacement is necessary to determine later whether the device will start working.