Bosch washing machine hatch repair

Bosch washing machine hatch repair

Many washing machines have one weak point - the door handle. This is why users of these household appliances so often have to pay for Bosch washing machine door repairs. However, it is not always necessary to call a service center specialist to restore the “home assistant”. To save your family budget, you can disassemble the machine door yourself and replace the damaged plastic element. We'll tell you how to do it correctly at home.

Door unlock

Most often, the hatch handle fails after the user roughly tries to open the device to load or remove clothes. In this situation, the handle may click ineffectively and not open the front-loading CM door. If this happens, then there is no point in repeated attempts to open the device, because this can only worsen the situation. In this case, you can do the following with your own hands:

  • Take a regular tablespoon to use it to open the hatch of the washing machine,
  • Find the middle of the handle by eye,
  • Insert the cutlery handle into the gap between the machine door and the body directly in the center of the handle,
  • Press lightly on the spoon.

These actions should open the door, giving you full access to the internals of the system. If nothing works, then try moving the cutlery slightly up or down along the crack, and then press on it again. This will allow you to eventually feel the lock to open the hatch. You can also open the door using the emergency release lever, which is located at the bottom of the washing machine, not far from the drain filter. Unfortunately, this element is not available in every SM model, so don’t worry if you can’t find it.

Experts recommend using only these two methods in a situation where the door handle is broken, so the machine cannot be opened. Any other unlocking methods can lead to additional damage, so it is better not to take unnecessary risks.

Getting to the door mechanism

Once the door is open, there will be nothing stopping you from disassembling it to get to the damaged lock mechanism. It’s not easy to do this with your own hands, but without this step you won’t be able to dismantle the broken handle. At the same time, you shouldn’t even try to restore the plastic element, because it can only be replaced. You can purchase a new spare part in a regular retail store or online store.

When you buy a replacement part and are ready to repair, be sure to disconnect the equipment from the electrical outlet and water supply. What to do next?

  • Remove the retaining bolts so you can carefully lift the door off its hinges.
  • Place the door on a flat surface to make it easy to work with.
  • Remove the retaining bolts that hold the two halves of the CM door together.
  • Using a thin screwdriver or similar tool, pry up the latches located around the perimeter of the element.
  • Separate the two halves and move the top part with the glass to the side.

All further manipulations must be carried out with the inside of the hatch, where the locking mechanism is located. Using the same thin screwdriver, carefully push through the metal rod that holds the mechanism. After you remove the pin, you need to remove the remaining parts of the locking element.

To install the handle without errors, you need to understand the structure of the part. There are only four elements in it.

  • Plastic base.
  • Pin holding the mechanism.
  • Springs.
  • Latch tongue.

Having disassembled the damaged element, all you have to do is install a new spare part on the seat. At the same time, even if only the spring or latch has failed, it would still be better to change the entire locking mechanism.

Installation of a new handle

Now we move on to the correct installation of the handle - a process in which it is also important not to make mistakes so that the part serves for a long time. Carefully read the instructions and repeat point by point.

  • Reinstall the spring.
  • Place the clamp on the side of the spiral.
  • Hold the lock and install the pin, pushing it into the first ear of the spring, but not moving further yet.
  • Install the handle onto the lock, and then push the pin all the way.

When the installation is complete, connect the door halves, first installing the glass under the handle. Replace all the fasteners that hold the door parts together. After assembly, the locking mechanism must be carefully checked. If the handle works well again, then the hatch door can be returned to its place, securing it with hinges and retaining bolts.

How else does a Bosch machine door break?

Even a person without experience in repairing household appliances can understand the locking mechanism of a Bosch washing machine. At the same time, the skill of disassembling an automatic locking door can be useful not only in case of damage to the lock. What else could happen?

  • The door glass will crack.
  • The latch is damaged.
  • Sag the loop.
  • The hinge support has failed.

Also, housewives often encounter damage to the UBL, in order to restore which, it is also necessary to disassemble the door. However, if you suspect the hatch locking device, then it is better not to try to check and repair it yourself. It will be safer to entrust this work to a professional.