Atlant washing machine does not turn on

Atlant washing machine does not turn on

It is a shame when the laundry is loaded, the powder is poured in, and the washing machine does not respond when the power cord is turned on. If the lights on the panel do not light up, the display does not light up, and the buttons are not pressed, then it is not difficult to guess that the machine is cut off from the power supply. The Atlant washing machine does not turn on due to many problems, most of which can be identified and fixed independently. The main thing is not to give up and start diagnosing.

Let us first identify the problem.

It is easy to guess that extinguished dashboard lights indicate problems with the electrical network. In simple words, the current does not reach the “brains” of the washing machine, so the machine cannot start working. In this case, it is necessary to establish the lost contact, or rather, check the external electrical and internal electronics.

All reasons leading to system inhibition can be divided into two groups. The first is problems with external communications or:

  • In the room or house there is no problem with the supply of current or light at all,
  • The socket allocated for the machine is broken,
  • The power cord is damaged (the wire or plug is burnt out),

These are external reasons that are complemented by internal ones:

  • The noise filter in the machine is damaged (abbreviated as fps),
  • The start button on the washing machine panel is stuck or burned out,
  • The control module has failed.

To better understand what to do, you will have to go through all possible problems one by one, moving from simple to complex. First, we pay attention to external communications, then we investigate the machine, and at the “finish” we inspect the dashboard of the washing machine. Now in more detail about each step.

Is there current?

Often, the washing machine does not turn on due to problems with the external power supply. Therefore, before panicking and any manipulations, you need to check whether there is light in the room. All you must do is flip the switch: if the light comes on, then we move on.

Next in line is the electrical panel. Here you need to see if all the machines are in the “working” position. Probably, starting a powerful washing machine overloaded the circuit, the RCD tripped, and the power supply was cut off in emergency mode. In this situation, it is necessary to reschedule the load on the network to eliminate overvoltage and current leakage.

Then we head to the power outlet and assess its condition. Telling signs will be the presence of melted plastic, dark spots on the wall and a burning smell. If there is no visible damage, we test the output by connecting any working device to the network. Do you have contact? Then we continue searching for the problem.

If during the inspection alarming signs were found, then you must immediately turn off the power to the entire house and call an electrician. Self-repair of the electrical network is permitted only if you have the appropriate qualifications. In any case, it is prohibited to use electricity - a repeated current leakage with subsequent fire is possible.

 Electrics inside the machine

After diagnosing external communications, it is necessary to deal with the electronics of the washing machine. Inside the machine, three “points” are responsible for transmitting current: the plug and the supply wire, as well as an interference filter. All elements are located together, so they are checked simultaneously.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Disconnect equipment from communications,
  • Remove the top cover,
  • Look at the left side of the lower corner, where the fps is located,
  • Loosen the fasteners holding the power cord,
  • Pull out the cord along with the filter and plug.

It is not difficult to diagnose parts yourself. The first step is to inspect the plug for signs of fire. Next, we check the cord: set the multimeter to the “Buzzer” position and “ring” the wire for breakdown. If a current leak is confirmed, then you should not try to restore the insulation with twisting or electrical tape - this is unsafe, and risks repeated breakage and fire! The element needs to be replaced with a new one.

After the plug and cord, we inspect the interference filter. If there are no visible defects, turn on the multimeter to measure resistance and touch the contacts with the probes. When “0” or “1” appears on the display, the FPS changes.

Button that starts processes

After successfully diagnosing the power cord and FPS, we move on to the dashboard. The fact is that on Atlant washing machines, when one or more keys stick, a malfunction occurs, after which the entire system is de-energized. While modern washing machines can withstand such a shock and display a corresponding error on the display, older models cannot cope with the load and simply “shut up.”

To understand whether the problem is caused by a stuck key, you need to perform several steps:

  • Open the detergent tray and pulling it towards you, remove it from the housing,
  • Unscrew all the screws holding the dashboard,
  • Carefully disconnect the panel from the machine (you do not need to completely unhook the board - you just need to gain access to the “internals”),
  • Switch the multimeter to resistance mode,
  • attach the probes to the contacts of the button and measure the resistance.

Practice shows that sticking of the “Start” button more often leads to an emergency shutdown of the machine. If it works, then there is a problem with the other keys being used. We check everything sequentially. If sticking keys has nothing to do with it, then there is a high probability that the problem is in the electronic module. Here it is better to turn to specialists.