All indicators on the washing machine are flashing

All indicators on the washing machine are flashing

The washing machine does not last forever, so it can break down at any time. Breakdowns and malfunctions can vary in complexity; the nature of such a breakdown is indicated by error codes on the machine’s display. When there is no display, special indicators may flash. But what if when you turn on all the lights blink at the same time, and what could this mean? This is what we will look into.

What does it mean?

Blinking of all the indicators on the washing machine is a common problem with washing machines from Indesit. Owners of such washing machines most often turn to the technician, not knowing what to do. What causes this blinking?

The most common malfunction, when all the lights blink, is a malfunction of the electronic board, or rather a breakdown of its parts. As a rule, capacitors located on the board fail or contacts burn out when water gets on the board. It is quite possible to replace capacitors yourself, especially if you are good with a soldering iron. In some cases, the board must be changed completely, which requires significant financial costs.

We find and fix the problem

To check and make sure that the electronic board is faulty, you need to remove it from the machine, which will have to be disassembled. Let's consider this process using the example of a top loading washing machine from Indesit.

The first thing we don’t forget to do is turn off the power to the washing machine. We begin disassembling the machine body by unscrewing the control panel, which is attached to two bolts on the back of the body.

Having removed the control panel, unscrew the hex screws holding the electronic board.

Now carefully disconnect all the wires from the board. Before doing this, you can take a photo, which will make it easier to figure out all the wires and connect them back.

We take the board and carefully inspect it, paying special attention to capacitors C17, C16, C20. If it fails, the top of the capacitor may swell.

We remove the faulty capacitor and look at the markings on it, using it you need to find a similar one. You can buy a new one, or remove the working capacitor from the circuit board of an old TV, USB charger, etc. Next, we solder a working capacitor onto the board, and then assemble the washing machine.

The entire process is captured in more detail in this video.

Rare causes of blinking indicators

However, the described malfunction is not the only one that causes all the machine’s indicators to blink. Masters note a number of other reasons. Despite the fact that they occur less frequently, they should not be excluded.


  • There was a self-draining of water.
  • The heating element for heating the water or the heating element for drying is broken.
  • The electric motor has failed.
  • Damage to the pump (drain pump).
  • The command apparatus (KSMA) is out of order.

The heating elements of a washing machine wear out over time and fail. Their failure can stop the normal operation of the washing machine and cause the indicators on the control panel to blink. To establish this reason, you need to check with a multimeter whether the heating element is working, and if it malfunctions, replace it. A detailed description of this work is presented in the article on how to check the heating element of a washing machine.

An electric motor does not fail often; its breakdown may be associated with worn brushes, which can be replaced to restore its functionality. A more common problem is that the drain pump is broken or clogged. Very often, hair and fur get wrapped around the pump impeller, causing it to not work. In this case, it is enough to clean it of debris. If a more serious breakdown occurs, you will have to replace the pump with a new one.

As for the breakdown of the mechanical command device, this malfunction is very rare, since this part of the machine is one of the most reliable, but not eternal. Usually, the contacts in the command device burn out. To fix the problem, you need to clean them well and reconnect them. The unit itself is located under the control panel, which is held in place by one or two bolts.

In addition, the gear may break in the KSMA. And then troubleshooting will depend on the model of the washing machine, because in some “washing machines” you will have to completely change the KSMA, in some there is the possibility of repair.

So, flashing lights on an Indesit washing machine are not a reason to say goodbye to the unit forever and look for a new replacement. After all, the reason for the light indication may be simple and does not require large financial investments. Therefore, before you panic and think that the machine is broken, carry out diagnostics, we hope our article will help you do this.