Adjusting the LG washing machine door

Adjusting the LG washing machine door

When using washing machines for a long time, minor problems inevitably arise that need to be corrected in a timely manner. One of these problems is the loosening of the hatch door. If you do not adjust the washing machine door in time, sooner or later it will either fall off completely or stop sealing the drum tightly, which will lead to leaks.

Removing the backlash

Backlash is a gap that, when the door is actively used, appears in the area where it is attached to the body. To eliminate the gap, you need to remove the door and see what the problem is. In general, adjusting the hatch of an LG car is a simple matter.

  • Take a medium sized Phillips screwdriver.
  • Open the hatch door all the way.
  • Unscrew the two screws located in the hinge area.
  • Now close the door halfway.
  • Pull it towards you and up a little, it should come off.

Now pay attention to the hinges: on top of them there are small plastic parts that look like coils. Inspect them for wear. As a rule, this is the main reason why backlashes form in the hatch door fastening.

This is done extremely simply. Take a roll of tape and wrap it around each loop by eye: not a very thick layer, but not a very thin one either. Then put the door in place, but do not screw in the screws right away. Try opening and closing the hatch. If the gap is still visible, remove the door and add FUM-ki, then repeat the check. If the layer, on the contrary, turns out to be too thick, simply remove the excess.

Disadvantage of this repair method

Of course, it’s hard to believe that ordinary fluoroplastic film can replace full-fledged plastic bushings on hinges. However, one should not make hasty conclusions. The whole point is that it is impossible to start a situation with the formation of backlash, but getting the coils, and even urgently, is truly an impossible task. But you can buy FUM tape at any hardware store and make your own repairs for pennies, in 5-10 minutes.

In this case, simply repeat all the manipulations and update the FUM on the hinges. This is much more profitable both in terms of time and costs than regularly calling a specialist and paying him for the work and ordering hard-to-find consumables.

In addition, you can combine another thing useful for your SM with removing the backlash. Various contaminants, especially rust, often accumulate in the niche under the hinges. Naturally, this place is very difficult to clean when the door is in place, and everything is clogged. But when you wind the tape around the loops, you can, at the same time, unscrew a couple more screws, remove the loops from the niche, and remove harmful dirt. After all, the more careful you treat your washing machine, the longer it will last you.