7 washing machine care rules that will extend the life of appliances.

7 washing machine care rules that will extend the life of appliances.

Washing machines require simple but regular maintenance to last. If you do not take care of the machine, bacteria and debris will accumulate in the drum, and scale will appear inside the body. Because of this, even expensive machines can break down. We name seven simple rules for the care of this technique.

  1. Check the powder dispenser,
  2. Check the rubber in the door,
  3. Clean your machine with a descaler,
  4. Do not exceed the amount of detergent,
  5. Soften hard water,
  6. Leave the door open,
  7. Clean the machine filter,
  8. Check the powder dispenser.

Inspect the powder and liquid detergent dispenser regularly. After washing, wipe the dispenser to prevent bacteria from accumulating in it. And if there is a black coating on the container, pull it out of the machine, put it in soapy water for a couple of hours, and then wipe it with a sponge.

Check the rubber in the door.

The internal black rubber on the door can accumulate dirt and debris, so wiping it once a month is recommended. If not done, the rubber band may be damaged, and the door will leak.

Clean your machine with a descaler

Bacterial plaque accumulates inside the drum over time, due to which the equipment breaks down and the clothes smell unpleasant. Therefore, once a month, you need to fill the drum of an empty machine with a special cleaning agent for the device and wash it at the highest temperature.

Do not exceed the amount of detergent.

Detergents indicate the dosage that must not exceed. If you use too much powder, the excess will accumulate in the machine and interfere with its operation. After washing, there should be no foam left in the drum.

Soften hard water.

Most Coimbatore live in regions with hard water, which is a severe enemy to cars. Due to hard water, the scale appears, and equipment quickly becomes unusable. To solve the problem, you can put a filter on the pipe or add water-softening tablets to the drum when washing.

Leave the door open.

Washed things and got clothes out of the drum? Leave the door open. Let it dry naturally. If not done, bacteria will accumulate in the drum, and the clothes will smell foul.

Clean the machine filter.

Clean the filter through which the water drains twice a month. It accumulates tissue microparticles and bacteria. And if you have pets, cleaning the filter after each wash is better. Otherwise, it will become clogged with hair.

When the filter is removed, look at the back of the machine where the filling hoses are connected. The panel must be free of dirt and rust.