3D technology in LG TVs

3D technology in LG TVs

LG has been manufacturing home appliances for more than half a century. LG has long been a global brand. One of the areas of the company has long been LCD and plasma TVs. It is worth mentioning that it was LG Electronics in 1997 that created the very first microchip in the world for the production of digital TVs. Currently, digital TVs are very widely developed. The television is no longer just a means of viewing the television channels received from the antenna via cable. It is worth mentioning the new trends in television. For example, now so popular cable television.

An old antenna cable is no longer enough for a digital TV; as a result, new types of cables are now used - fiber-optic cables that use transmission not by an electric signal, but by light. There are a lot of inputs on modern TVs. So almost every modern LG TV has HDMI, AV, USB inputs, as well as the old input for conventional antennas. Thus, televisions may be used for wider purposes than just watching TV.

3D TVs are becoming especially popular. LG produces a series of Cinema 3D TVs. The popularity of this technology is explained by a clear picture in both 2D and 3D. LG TVs have a flicker-free 3D screen, comfortable glasses, vivid images and wide viewing angles. In combination with Cinema 3D, OLED, ULTRA HD, and LCD / LED TVs get big advantages. So, the advantage of OLED TV light emitting diodes made from organic compounds. Diodes are becoming an increasingly popular element of household appliances, as they have reduced power consumption. The result is a full 3D TV that does not require huge energy consumption. The Full HD format is now very popular. But TVs have already been created that exceed this format by 4 times! These are LG ULTRA HD TVs. Combined with 3D technology, this is a true home theater with unprecedented image realism.

Currently, the most popular TVs are LCD / LED. These televisions have been used for several years and have a very wide selection of options. Clarity, contrast, color reproduction at the highest level make LCD and LED TVs one of the best devices on the market. A bit about the options. LG provides Smart TV, Cinema 3D, Cinema Screen technology. Among the technical features - built-in Wi-Fi and a subwoofer, Magic Remote, USB and HDMI connectors in various quantities. Resolution is usually HD or Full HD.

Cinema 3D provides unique capabilities. The movie being watched does not have to be 3D. LG TVs support 5 3D formats, and can also display regular 2D movies in these formats. The viewing angle of the system is more than 170, as a result, you can watch 3D while lying down. LG uses a 3D system with glasses. Their peculiarity is that they do not flicker and are completely harmless to the eyes.

Thus, 3D technology presents great opportunities for the development of televisions. The very popular 3 D image can now be viewed at home.